13.06.2017 - Boldly going into nothingness...

As of late i have been really busy with ton's of different things, least of which has been putting this new - ultra light version of the site together.
I'm currently painting new material for a certain band (as usually), and at the same time i'm trying to scrape some new apparel desings together + trying to handle my 2nd job. More about this - later on..
So, i try to be more active here, and in twitter, and also - do check out the ToxicAngel Official -facebook page...







Now, haven't I heard that name before? Chances are, you probably have.

Janne's career as the designated illustrator of the Finnish hard rock elite started with a logo for a Warmen single, way back around the turn of the Millennium. Before turning a full time pro, Janne already garnered accolades as the Artist Of The Year 2002 of the global digital artist community Renderosity. Today, his art can be found on some 8 million album copies of artists like Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Tarot, not to mention a slew of bands of somewhat lesser stature (Helstar, Norther, Indica, Northern Kings, To/Die/For, Kotipelto & Kiuas to drop a few names) both Finnish and international.

A fantasy literature buff, ToxicAngel has inherent love for aesthetics and all things mystic. It is this infinite fascination with the fantastic, that has been the driving force for Janne's art for well more than two decades. Apart from his music related commission work, Pitkänen has, basically just for kicks, designed an extensive collection of fantasy-laden imagery, some of which are available at e. g. international big-time dealers EMP, Art Worx and Pyramid Posters Int'l.

Also the designer of hundreds of tour shirts for dozens of bands and still drawing his inspiration from music and every bit as much of an expert in auditory imagery as ever, ToxicAngel worked as a concept artist for the Nightwish movie, Imaginaerum, and he's already lined up for more cinematic work.

Now, with his designer line ToxicAngel has found yet another outlet for his boundless creativity. These shirt designs present a darker, more dualistic side to the artist. Light and dark, Yin and Yang, his designs are simultaneously nightmarish and spiritual. Easy to the eye, yet thought-provoking.

ToxicAngel's art is fashion on its own terms.
This is not just about looking good. It's your inside, outside!

Portrait painted by Gina Pitkänen